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Hardware or Software, That is the Question
When you go to computer engineering school you'll learn to work with the technology of both hardware and software. The two paths are very different.
Web Development Jobs On the Rise
The number of web development jobs is expected to double within the next decade. Want in?
Database Jobs: The IT Career of the Future

Database jobs can be found in nearly every industry. Studying database design training can be a good place to start an IT career.

The Lighter Side of Tech Support
Don't expect your technical support job to be 100% serious. Here are some hilarious moments from the world of high-tech customer service.
Is Your Smartphone Safe?
Smartphones can threaten computer security if they're not protected well. Want to help?
Integrated Security in an Open World
Computer System security is a major concern, and new threats are being developed faster than the antidote can be designed. What is needed is a larger view of how we protect data, and what we can do to secure the knowledge part of our knowledge economy.
Your Life in a Database

Almost everything in the world is entered into a database program. That means a database administration career is one of the most secure in the high-tech industry.

What's the Future of Open Source Software--and Why Should You Care?
Open source software is a way of developing systems software at low cost and with maximum creativity. If you're looking for a lucrative career, consider software development.
Don't Cell Yourself Short--Start Your IT Career Today
Cell phone services are expanding to include many information technology applications. Your career in information technology can help to overcome this kind of design challenge.
Make a Career of Convergence Technology
In this age of convergence technology, be sure that you study both computing and communications during your information technology degree.
The Story of Silicon: Are You a Character?
New developments in computer science mean that we can continue to look forward to faster, better and cheaper computing power. Get on board with a technology degree.
How Neutrons Can Get You a Job
A new research facility has just been opened to keep industrial product development in the US ahead of the rest of the world. This kind of high technology research allows jobs to be created in many different fields including information technology, engineering and other technology areas.
Why Should You Care About WiMAX?
New wireless network technology means that soon you will be able to access broadband services almost anywhere, both in town and in the countryside. This degree of connectivity will generate yet more new applications for the Internet.
Has Your Future IT Job Gone to India? Probably Not.
Although the globalization of IT work has gained momentum in the last ten years, IT jobs in the US are still plentiful and likely to remain so.
Lead the Way as an IT Project Manager

Advances in technology are created by dedicated teams, under the leadership of an IT project management expert. Your degree in management of technology can make you that leader.

Online Dating Goes Mainstream
New applications on the Internet are being developed thick and fast. Internet dating is typical of an application which has gained acceptance and become part of our everyday life.
Windows Vista Set to Debut

Information technology degree students get great opportunities to experience real projects in their technology schools.

Domestic Robots Make the Grade

Studying for an information technology degree can open the door to a great career in robotics.

The Information Technology Team
Learn about the professionals that make up a crack computer information technology team and the critical roles that they play.
Displaying Fusion in Information Technology
The fusion of nanotechnology and information technology is beginning to give us new products for use in our everyday lives--for instance, better-quality flat screen displays. Technology schools are working on many different products, and with the right education you could be involved too.