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The New Year's Jobs in Computer Science

The New Year's Hottest Jobs in Computer Science

May 3, 2007
Kelly Richardson
Technology Schools Columnist

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that jobs in computer science are expected to increase much faster than average, as businesses continue to adopt increasingly sophisticated technologies.

Computer science is a broad profession that encompasses several fields in research, computer applications, and technology development. And as the professional landscape changes, new categories of jobs in computer science will emerge. Here are the some promising jobs in the computer science field for the New Year and the coming decade.

Jobs in Computer Science

  • Computer Scientist. The computer scientist may be part researcher and part computer whiz. Academic institutions and government agencies may provide the most job opportunities for this profession.
  • Database Administrator. The database administrator is the professional who organizes and manages an organization's technical records. Cyber-security is of utmost importance in this profession.
  • Network Systems Analyst. The analyst's primary duties may be designing, testing, and evaluating systems for increased productivity and performance. Research may be one of the major portion of this job.
  • Web Developer. These professionals may be the experts in the design, development, and maintenance of Web sites and servers. They may use a variety of Internet tools to create business opportunities and interact with the Web community.

Successful candidates in the field may develop their skills over a period of time. There are some concrete steps you can take today that may improve your chances of success in the field of computer science.

Ready Yourself for the Field

  • Immerse Yourself in Math. Most jobs in computer science may require a robust knowledge of mathematical concepts and applications. High school and college students should be encouraged to take as many math courses as possible.
  • Improve your Tech Savvy. The only way to garner the technical skills that you may need to succeed is to spend time on your computer. Take courses in technology and apply those concepts to real world problems.

Prepare yourself to become a problem solver and a catalyst for change. Pursuing a campus or online degree in computer science may take your career to the next level.


About the Author

Kelly Richardson covers the technology scene in major cities across the country. His articles appear in educational journals, periodicals, and e-zines.