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Take a Byte Out of Cybercrime: Lucrative Computer Security Careers

Take a Byte Out of Cybercrime: Lucrative Computer Security Careers

Mar 22, 2007
Sarah Christensen
Technology Schools Columnist

The problem with information technology is providing easy access for legitimate users without giving up protection from malicious use, theft, or prying eyes. This is where information technology security professionals come in.

Degree Programs for Security Technology Specialists

Security specialists need to hone their skills constantly. You may need to undergo continuous training and research in order to keep up with new developments. Graduating from an IT, computer science, or networking degree program may be a good start, but expect ongoing research and training.

What Does the Future Hold for IT Security Professionals?

While computing jobs in general are slowing down as the industry matures, computer security jobs are still going strong. Most organizations rely so heavily on IT that they would be crippled if they became the subject of a cyber attack. The growth of personal computers and cheap Internet access have fueled the number of cyber attacks. A new and very real cause for concern is cyber-terrorism.

Computer Security Employment Opportunities

Most organizations take security extremely seriously. Work may be available in schools, universities, banks, offices, hospitals, government departments, department stores, the military, and law offices. You may even become a freelance consultant.

So, do you still think you can hack it? Take a look at a computer security degree program and find out.


About the Author

Sarah Christensen is a freelance writer. She graduated from King's College, University of London with a degree in Chemistry and Business Studies.