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Star Trek Technology is Closer Than You Think

Star Trek Technology is Closer Than You Think

Mar 27, 2007
Mary Hobson
Technology Schools Columnist

A career in information technology may lead you to many different fields. Voice technology, for example, has been a part of computing for some time, but is only now beginning to come into its own.

One particular field that has taken voice technology to its heart is warehouse management. Voice recognition software, combined with wireless technology, may allow managers to send orders to employees through a computer system. The employees may use the same system to let their bosses know when they're done and ready for the next task.

Programming for Sound

So how do computer programmers manage to build systems that understand the spoken language? Right now, each user has to spend time having their voice patterns recorded and recognized by the computer. There are some systems that will recognize words without this extra practice, but they are nowhere near as reliable.

These new kinds of systems make computer programming jobs much more exciting. Degree programs in information technology may build the foundation of knowledge that a programmer needs, so that s/he may acquire new skills as technology continues to advance.

If you are interested in these kinds of new developments, you may start planning your career in information technology now. You may begin by earning an information technology degree or studying a related subject, giving yourself a background of knowledge and skills that will form the basis of a lifelong career. The higher the qualification you may earn at a technology school, the more likely you may be to find a top-notch computer programming job.



About the Author

Mary Hobson is the Head of IT School at a Polytechnic in New Zealand. She also works as a freelance writer.