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Networking Jobs for the Microsoft Certified Professional

Networking Jobs for the Microsoft Certified Professional

Apr 24, 2007
Kelly Richardson
Technology Schools Columnist

If you're an information technology professional, or are just looking to get into the field, you may quickly discover that Microsoft is the platform of choice for most corporate and small business organizations. With a Microsoft certified credential such as MCSE or MCSA, you may qualify for computer networking jobs.

Computer Networking Jobs for the MCSE

A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer credential may teach you to plan, design, and implement Microsoft Windows server solutions in medium- to large-sized companies. If you have at least one year of experience administering network operating systems and desktop operating systems, the MSCE may be a natural certification for your level of expertise. Some jobs you may qualify for would include:

  • Systems Engineer. An MCSE systems engineer is the point person for the design and implementation of complex systems. Systems engineers may perform a variety of diagnostic tests to keep business processes running smoothly.

  • Network Engineer. As a network engineer, you may build networking functions for your team that will enable cross-office and cross-country productivity.

  • Network Analyst. When a networking system goes down, the network analyst must find the problem and provide a quick fix. You may use a variety of software and hardware applications to assess the extent of problems within a system.

Computer Networking Jobs for the MCSA

Successful candidates in this area of networking technology may have a combination of credentials, leadership skills, and management abilities. Computer networking jobs for MSCAs may be some of the well-paying in the industry:

  • Systems Administrator. The systems administrator is in charge of the information technology department from top to bottom. This may include email, databases, and other productivity tools for the business.

  • Network Administrator. A network administrator may manage the complex technological framework of the organization. This may include adding new users and appropriating memory needs to various applications.

  • Network Technician. If you're a hands-on type of professional, a position as a networking technician may allow you to get directly involved with connectivity components and user functioning.

The bottom line is that, with a Microsoft certified credential, you may parlay your training into any one of several different computer networking jobs that may highlight your interests and abilities.

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About the Author

Kelly Richardson covers the technology scene in major cities across the country. His articles appear in educational journals, periodicals, and e-zines.