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MCSE Training: Technology Credentials

May 1, 2008
Kelly Richardson
Technology Schools Columnist

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer may be one of the desirable and marketable set of credentials that you may want to acquire. There are businesses that may rely on Microsoft systems to keep up their production. By learning this system, you may have the skills that employers may seek.

Becoming a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer may be a smart career move that may open many doors for your future. You may acquire expertise in assembling, maintaining, and troubleshooting Microsoft systems in a variety of work environments. From small businesses to mega-corporations, as a certified professional it may be your job to ensure that your Microsoft network is functioning properly.

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Concepts

  • Connectivity. As a business adds a Microsoft network, you will be there every step of the way to ensure that your system is assembled properly the first time.
  • Maintenance. As your employer puts your Microsoft system through its daily rigors, it may be your responsibility to run the proper systems checks and diagnostics, backup valuable data, and upgrade the system when necessary.
  • End-user Support. From troubleshooting to training, you may be the expert of the network. End-users might constantly be looking to you for assistance and encouragement.


Where to Obtain Your Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer Credentials

There are a wealth of computer and business schools that may offer the MCSE credentialing. These programs may teach you the ins and outs of the Microsoft network as well as general technical concepts. You can take classes through the traditional campus or via the Internet in an online learning environment. Both routes may have their advantages and disadvantages, depending upon your learning style. Before you choose a program, check to be sure that it is accredited with the appropriate credentialing agency. This would ensure that you graduate with a degree that employers recognize. Technology Schools has a list of available schools that offer MCSE certification. Find your school through the Technology Schools search box, today!

About the Author

Kelly C. Richardson, EdS is a freelance writer, marcom consultant and digital entrepreneur. He's written content for Fortune 500s Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Wells Fargo.