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Lead the Way as an IT Project Manager

Lead the Way as an IT Project Manager

Jan 25, 2007
Martin A. David
Technology Schools Columnist

Go to your favorite technology store. Look at the latest computers, sound systems, DVD changers or other technological devices. None of them were created without the leadership of IT project management experts. If you would like to study technology management, you can be part of the exciting new world of invention and innovation.

Innovation Is a Team Effort

Some people still think of inventors as eccentric geniuses who spend all day alone in their garage workshops tinkering with new devices. They may be geniuses and they often are eccentric, but they don't work alone. It takes a coordinated team to create new technologies, and it takes IT project management to coordinate that team. Information technology is now integral to the world's economy and companies spend millions developing new products. Without organized IT resource management, much of that money would be wasted.

Earning a Degree In Technology Management

IT resource management involves a range of skills. You have to understand the business implications of the project, the market requirements, the technology, and the proper application of available resources. A technology product team may include hardware engineers, software developers, designers, technology architects, marketing experts, firmware programmers, and technical documentation engineers.

As you can imagine, coordinating these diverse IT resources requires solid management skills. Your degree program will teach you how to make the appropriate business and time management decisions and how to apply your management skills. What you have to bring to the table is a very large portion of diplomacy and a lot of enthusiasm.

About the Author

Martin A. David is a published author and translator. He is also a technical writer in the Silicon Valley. He currently manages the Technical Publications department of a thriving high technology firm.