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Online Technology Degree

This Just In: An online technology degree is invaluable for a future job

Mar 13, 2011
H. Alex White
Technology Schools Columnist

An online degree in technology may help you the best career prospects. Online schools may offer programs which may help you on your way to work as network analysts, computer operators, web developers and technical engineers.

Technology Training

An online degree from a technical school or technical institute may prepare students for a variety of jobs including system administrator, project manager, computer technician, technical support, network installer, software tester, system architect, web development and game development. In fact, there may be many occupational growth areas in IT and computer careers which may be considered by aspirants. Major factors influencing this include: Companies' needs to quickly access and analyze data; the explosive growth of the Internet and e-Business; more flexible and user-friendly computer applications; and lower hardware and software prices allowing more companies to implement or upgrade their technology.

Preparing to become an IT Professional

There is no universally accepted way to prepare for a job as an information technology (IT) professional. Although a bachelor's degree may often be required and relevant work experience is a plus, many people may develop their computer skills while working in other fields. Technical or professional certification may be a way to measure competency in prospective employees. This certification may also be pursued through online training.

Technology Specialization: Network Analyst

A network analyst may research and recommend network policies and strategies in the designing, planning and co-ordination of an organization's network infrastructure. The role may also include operational tasks such as monitoring system performance, software and hardware upgrades, backups, support and network maintenance.

Technology Specialization: Computer Operator

A computer operator may manage, maintain and support an organization's mainframe & midrange computer network. A Computer Operator may also be responsible for equipment maintenance of hardware and software, as well as printers, tapes & disk drives, security and implementing backup procedures. Tasks may also include the loading and running of batch programs, as well as error diagnosis and fault resolution.

Technology Specialization: Web Developer

A web developer usually develops software solutions specifically for websites that include the design, implementation and support for web applications. Most web developer need to be competent in database development and management and have a high proficiency in HTML and Java attributes, as well as being proficient in non web-based development languages. Many online degree schools may offer such training.

Technology Specialization: Technical Engineers

Technical engineers may have knowledge of all the components of computer hardware and related peripheral devices, such as switches, microprocessors, protocols, telecommunications, networks and the preparation and interpretation of specifications and circuit diagrams. The building, designing, manufacturing, implementation and support of computer systems may include both hardware and software and the interaction between the two as well as electrical engineering attributes.

Vital Knowledge: Attending an online degree school

Most schools may require the equivalent of a high school degree and may have a minimum age requirement. Schools may also require students to show basic proficiency in math and English, either through tests like SAT or through proficiency tests administered by the school.
Many students may also work part time while attending school and many school may also offer services to help students find part time work while they are attending the school.
Some schools may also offer services to help students find a job after graduating. Check with the schools admissions office about what services are available.

Vital Knowledge: Moving ahead in the technology industry

If you would like to enter the tech industry or switch careers that could mean completing education with an online degree or taking a specialized tech certification. If you’re thinking about management, then specialized certifications or advanced training might be helpful. Most importantly, you should identify your career objectives, and make sure you have the credentials needed.

About the Author

H. Alex White is a freelance writer for HQ Publications. His previous experience includes copyediting for the San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner. He also has experience copywriting for marketing companies in the Silicon Valley. Alex has a B.A. in journalism from Auburn University.