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Don't Cell Yourself Short--Start Your IT Career Today

Don't Cell Yourself Short--Start Your IT Career Today

Feb 15, 2007
Mary Hobson
Technology Schools Columnist

It sometimes seems that cell phone development is an end in itself. If you've recently purchased a cell phone, you'll notice how many extra features the service providers are eager to sell you--along with a very expensive but extremely small handset to access them.

Cell phones are an integral part of the new wave of information technology and telecommunications. They have come a long way from simple voice telephony, offering data-rich services such as Internet and email access, downloading and playing music, real-time video clips and of course, cameras. But if the cell phone has moved to the next level, have its users?

Information Technology Includes Communications

Some users undoubtedly have. Take a look at the courses offered in any IT degree program, and you will find that instruction in wireless networks and communications technology is very popular. Tech-savvy users are pushing the boundaries of connectivity further every day. Voice recognition, for example, could solve many of the technical and design complexities that users have trouble with, such as tiny keys with too many functions apiece.

Using this kind of interface could allow completely new ideas about cell phone design, eliminating the need for an impossibly small keypad. Now that's simplicity of design.

The IT industry is continuously developing new technologies. This constant re-invention relies on a supply of talented, well-educated people who are looking for a career in information technology. So if you are looking for such a career, and want to have a chance to work on this kind of new product, you need to find the right information technology degree. Working in information technology is challenging and rewarding--so get qualified now.


About the Author

Mary Hobson is the Head of IT School at a Polytechnic in New Zealand. She also works as a freelance writer.