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Cisco Certification

Cisco Certification

Jun 23, 2005

Technology Schools Columnist

Cisco has been leading the way in networking for 20 years. Cisco certifications are by far the most popular networking certifications. You can gain a CISCO certification online at associate (CCNA certification), professional, and expert level in various areas of networking. Decide which area is right for you and take your career in networking to a higher level.

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Cisco certification - the first choice for a career in networking

Cisco was there at the onset of networking 20 years ago, and remains a leader in networking and certification. Networks are essential to today's organizations, schools, universities, and government agencies. In many organizations, Cisco's networking solutions - hardware, software and services, are vital. With 34,000 employees nationwide, and an ever-growing list of careers in networking to choose from, the reality is that Cisco certification is one of the best ways to start or augment your career in networking.

Types of Cisco certification

In spite of a recent downturn in IT, a CISCO certification remains an excellent career choice. CISCO certifications are offered at three levels: Associate (CCNA certification), Professional (CCNP certification) and Expert (CCIE). Each of these levels has six different networking paths. These are:

  • Network Security
  • Routing and switching
  • Design
  • Storage networking
  • Service provider
  • Voice

Any Cisco certification will improve your salary. Professionals with a CCNP certification command, on average, $12,000 more than those with a CCNA certification, remaining steady for the last few years (BLS). Professionals with a Cisco certification at expert level (CCIE) can aspire to earn more than $100,000 a year.

An ever-growing variety of other Cisco qualified specialist certifications are also available. Here are some possibilities:

  • Access Routing and LAN Switching
  • Content Networking Cisco
  • Network Management
  • Optical Certification
  • Storage Networking Certifications
  • VPN and Security
  • Wireless LAN Certifications

These Cisco certifications can improve your knowledge in specific roles, solutions, or technologies, as well as your career in networking.

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